Sex is the most discussed thing on the internet after Netflix. Society has set diverse standards and lies for ladies and men with regards to it. No one would have a discussion in reality about the untruths that a lady needs to accept despite the fact that it’s off-base. In any case, each lady to know these falsehoods and quit trusting them!

So we have most common 12 things behind lovemaking or to be exact ‘sex’ that each lady should think about!

1. Education About SEX Isn’t Important?

Education About SEX Isn't Important

For the most part, especially young girls have avoided these things.

2. Do Women Watch Porn?

Women Don’t Watch Porn

Specialists have even said that the way people respond to things thusly is equivalent and some place or the other, women enjoy porn more than men.

3. Avoid Making Love When in Periods.

Avoid Making Love When in Periods

Despite the fact that this isn’t supported love getting can going during periods.

4. Should Women Buy Contraception?

Should Women Buy Contraception

The protection is used by both women and men so it’s not a big deal when a woman buys the contraception.

5. Is Premarital Affair Wrong?

Premarital affair is wrong

Yes! If you are married.

6. Flings Aren’t A Women Thing?

Flings Aren't A Women Thing?

Women can enjoy love feelings more than men. Because we live in patriarchy society it doesn’t mean things will remain same.

7. Love Is All About Sex?

Love Is All About Sex?

NO! Sex is a part of the relationship which you can’t ignore. A strong relationship makes it stronger too.


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