Do you need a guide for visiting the most awesome websites on the internet without going through the hassle of searching? Well, this article is just for you!

Did you know that more than 634 million websites are present on the internet? It would take you approximately 1700 years to look up all of these even if you started by visiting a 100 of them each day!

But you’re in luck, as we have a collection of the most legit, entertaining and informative websites for you!

Read on to check out the list of the most amazing websites on the internet.

1- eelslap.com

Bored much? eelslap.com has all the entertainment for you. Just grab a mouse and start having fun!


2- procatinator.com

If you are a cat lover, this website is cat heaven for you. Search it up for listening to the coolest cat music mashups.


3- pointerpointer.com

An amusing website for your leisure time! Grab your mouse and get started.


4- heyyeyaaeyaaaeyaeyaa.com

A completely different world.


5- corgiorgy.com

If you are a dog lover, this website will have you in complete awe!


6- fallingfalling.com

Any idea, how it would be if the internet started tripping over? Find out here!


7- rainymood.com

Does rain make you feel better? If it does, so will this website.


8- nooooooooooooooo.com

Having a rough day? This website is perfect to get you in the right mood.


9- omfgdogs.com

You just won’t be able to have enough of these cute dogs.


10- thequietplaceproject.com

Relax your mind.


11- haneke.net

A fun place to visit


12- thenicestplaceontheinter.net

Say goodbye to a rough day and chill out

site like thenicestplaceontheinter.net

13- tholman.com/texter

Legit place for artists

top sites like tholman.com

14- omglasergunspewpewpew.com

Discover the world of fun!

websites like omglasergunspewpewpew

15- mapcrunch.com

If you are a travelling fanatic, this is the website for you.

top sites like mapcrunch.com

16- anasomnia.com

Enjoy your time with anasomnia.com

websites like anasomnia.com

17- zoomquilt.org

Take craziness to the next level.

sites like zoomquilt

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