Top 5 Websites Like Reddit

Reddit is where people go to read and view stuff that others have found on the internet. This stuff is then subsequently voted by other Reddit users who have read or seen that post on Reddit. Reddit has millions of daily users who visit it daily to get a scoop of their topics of interest. It has a lot of categories that you can choose from and get the most recent and amazing articles on those topics. So if you use Reddit regularly and have got the hang of it, here is a list of top 5 websites like Reddit that you might just find according to your taste. Read along and find out!

Alternatives Website Just Like Reddit


Website Like voat

When it comes to Voat, it is by far the only website that has been able to give a tough time to reddit. It has Sub Verses instead of subreddits. SubReddits is still a new born but has become the website of choice for people who had been banned or their subreddits been deleted due to some violations. Voat is like Hyde Park; you can say anything and be as expressive as you want on voat and a bonus feature is you can also make money if you join their paid programs.


Site like digg

Digg is a Reddit twin but there is just one difference; Digg features news mainly. It features the latest and top trending news in the form of articles, press release, videos, and pictures. Digg usually has the latest internet content in the categories of sports, politics, science, viral videos, celebrity gossip, and other social media trends. So if you want to have a quick look at what’s going on in the world, sit back relax and Digg it, after a tiring and long day.


Web Like Topix

Topix is also a link aggregation website but it’s more into computer graphics, animation, media, and related topics. So if you are a geek, Topix is your go to for all the latest news and trends in the tech world. It features a news section that itself gathers all the latest content available on the internet under a certain category.


site like Boxxet

Boxxet is your entertainment hub. You can find all content here from videos to photos, news, gossips and blogs on sports, celebrity, Hollywood, technology, and lifestyle. This site is for when you come home after a long tiring day at work or school, and you just want to lie down and entertain yourself to relax. You will spend hours and hours on it and still would not be bored.


Websites Like Mashable

Mashable is for all those social media fanatics and enthusiasts who love everything social! If you want to what’s hot and up in the world on social media, Mashable has lots in store for you. From the latest video trends and hashtags to new viral videos and challenges, you will find all you need to know to be updated about the social media. Advance features are available for more experienced users.


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