8 Websites like Dropbox

In the modern fast paced world, everything has become handy and on the go. Anything that is quick and easy, is the trend of the day. Dropbox is a famous cloud storage website that stores all your photos, videos, documents and files etc stored online so you can access them from anywhere around the globe. You can share these files and documents anywhere with your friends, family and colleagues at work even students and teachers. There are many other websites similar to Dropbox. We have shortlisted the top 8.

Websites Like Dropbox Best Online Data Storage Alternatives

Google Drive

sites like Google Drive

Google drive by Google itself is an amazing website for the same purpose. It provides 5 GB free space and charges £2/ month for up to 25 GB storage. The best part about Google drive is that you can share and give access to your files to multiple people who can actively work on them on the drive. The drive is also integrated with other Google features, which enhances the user experience. It is user friendly and also linked to your Google account.

One Drive

Top Websites like One Drive

One drive is similar to Dropbox. It gives 15 GB online storage for your personal files. Besides these also offers 100 GB at price of $1.99/month, 200 GB at $3.99/month and 1 TB $6.99/month (including office 365). This website is accessible through laptop, tablet and phone and can be used to store photos, videos and documents. It is great at syncing MS Office particularly, Word and PowerPoint. This website also offers a recycle bin feature which stores any document that was deleted by the user, for up to 60 days. The recycle bin storage is not counted against user’s storage limit.


Websites like sugarsync

This is powerful, simple and secure. Sugarsync has astounding features when contrasted with others cloud storage websites. It has a friendly user interface and it shows every single file or document you have erased, shared o updated. It gets synched with your device and allows you to choose which files and folder to synch. It is easily available to download on both android and apple play stores. It is great for emergency situations when you have forgotten to carry your USB or need to make sudden changes to a document. It has special security feature that protects your data and documents through unique passwords.


Sites like Box.com

This website is like Dropbox but more focused toward B2B data and file sharing features. It is mainly used for sharing business related files with clients, usually pitching business to clients. It notifies users through email when a new file is uploaded. Users can easily see comments on files. Box.com has predominant toolset for security and controls and furthermore gives extra control features which ensure your data is protected. Its price plans are cheaper as compared to other sites and also gives 10 GB free space for personal use.


Best Sites like CloudMe

Cloud me is unique as compared to other similar sites. It additionally gives a moderately bigger storage space up to 19 GB for free. Whether you’re in US or Australia, you can access your music and pictures on the go from anywhere and that too completely free of cost. Gone are the days when people were annoyed with USB viruses that erased their data. Cloud me is safe and secure site.

Amazon Cloud Drive

Websites Like Amazon Cloud Drive

This website gives up to 5 GB of free space on becoming a member. It is very secure and limits your content for public view. This website like all other websites gives you access from anywhere around the world. This also gets synched with your phone so your photos and documents get automatically saved online if you permit the app.


Sites like Wuala

Wuala is one of the safest and secure online cloud storage websites. All the data is encrypted or coded, before being uploaded to this website which ensures that there is no unauthorized access to your data. It offers up to 5 GB free storage which can be increased for a fee.

Team Drive

Top Websites like Team Drive

This website, like all the others, helps you access data through any device with your proper credentials. This website provides similar features of online sharing and editing documents. You can choose who accesses you documents and who does not. It is user friendly and easy and can work on any operating system or device. Team drive, as the name suggests, is best for group based activities and sharing, whether friends, university projects or office based work.

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