The running joke of Rory constantly forgetting about her boyfriend Paul in Gilmore Girls: The Revival.

The Revival


Deb wanting to sleep with her brother on Dexter.



The reveal of A as Spencer’s evil British twin on Pretty Little Liars.

Spencer's evil


Jess and Robby finding out they were cousins on New Girl.

Jess and Robby


The alien storyline in American Horror Story: Asylum.



Isabel and Denny’s “ghost” on Grey’s Anatomy.

Isabel and Denny's


Ross being infatuated with his cousin on Friends.



A dog eating Dan’s heart transplant on One Tree Hill.

heart transplant


Luke having a daughter on Gilmore Girls.

Gilmore Girls


The cheese-wheel murder in Midsomer Murders.

Midsomer Murders


Betty trying to join the Serpents on Riverdale, and so performing a strip routine in front of her mum and a random group of men.



Snow and David stealing innocence from Maleficent’s baby in Once Upon A Time.

Once Upon A Time


Marie’s kleptomania storyline on Breaking Bad.

Breaking Bad


Zelda and Father Blackwood’s affair in The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

Adventures of Sabrina


Jughead kicking up a storm about not being able to wear his gang clothes to school on Riverdale.

gang clothes


Finn praying to a grilled cheese sandwich on Glee because it has Jesus’ face on it.

grilled cheese sandwich


Tom and Ann dating on Parks and Recreation.

Tom and Ann dating

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