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If you are looking for something awesome and amazing, then this post is a must read for you. Among thousands of websites on the internet these days, there are some websites that really captures reader’s mind and you should bookmark them.

Here Are Those 15 Awesome Websites:

Sites like Wolframalpha

It is a very useful scientific website that will answer all your queries quickly in a scientific way and you can learn all new things in seconds here.

Allrecipes Alternative

It is all about delicious food recipes, don’t forget to visit this website if you have a craze for good food.

Websites Like Investopedia

It’s a good source for all investments and stocks related stuff and if you are a investor or a trader you must visit it.

Sites Like Ctrl+Paint

If you are creative and love to design new things can help you much.

Websites Like Newsmap

Be updated 24/7 with world most important news at


Site like Chandoo

If you want to expert yourself in Microsoft Excel then visit Chandoo.Org and Become expert in excel.

Socratic Alternative

Students can find all their answers just by posting their question pictures. It’s a good and Useful website for students. you can also download it and can enjoy on your phones.

Alternative Duolingo

Master yourself with new languages at Duolingo without paying any fee.

StumbleUpon Alternative

It is the best search engine to discover interesting and new web pages, photos and videos across the Web. You can stumble a lot of interesting amazing websites and articles here.


Websites Like Wikipedia Random

If you want to search random articles on Wikipedia then use this website.

Alternative Sites Like Habitica

You can play RPG games and reach your goals on this website.

Websites Like

If you spend all your money carelessly and you are worried then this is the best place to Track your expenditures and spending.

Khan Academy.Org:

Sites Like

Khan Academy is the best educational site. You can get thousands of video lessons of about thousands of topics here.

Website Like Yogaglo

Are you a Yoga lover? If yes then its a awesome website for you. Hurry up! start practicing Yoga from today.

Drawspace Alternative Sites

Rate yourself in drawing, discover new patterns, and learn to excel drawing at

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