Premier League season

Best six Chief Association clubs record all-time dominance Liverpool’s count of 73 focuses after 30 games is more than any other second-placed side amid a 20-team Premier League season

Premier League season

The ‘major six’ Chief Association clubs are more prevailing than ever sometime recently, agreeing to a modern Sky Sports study.

Manchester City and Liverpool hitting really hard to save the title, whereas Tottenham Hotspur Football Club (Spurs) have kicked into the fight for a top-four wrap up with rivals, Arsenal, Manchester United and Chelsea.

Overall, 383 points have been collected by these major clubs- that’s 12 times higher than the final season, the past tall. And that’s in spite of Chelsea still having a diversion to play.

league status

The graph shows the record for every league status after 30 games in red, with the other comparison of totals in green disclosed the real loophole among the top six clubs and remaining ones.


Liverpool’s current status with 73 points is comparatively higher to other second-place sides currently; however, United and Chelsea have also set new records with their current pulls in fifth and sixth, respectively

Top six positions after 30 Games

Besides the top clubs there are Huddersfield and Fulham that are not even scoring normal but worst o their records and it is terrible news for both the teams since they’re actually collecting fewer points than their historical record – with the Cottagers recording a record low for a team in 19th spot after 30 games.

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