Several Women in Asia Have Blamed Harvey Weinstein and His Partner for Sexual Harassment

A Several women in Asia denounced Harvey Weinstein and his primary go-to person in Asia of sexually improper conduct.

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Hong Kong media outlet HK01 last week ago distributed records by seven ladies in Asia denouncing Bey Logan, who was Weinstein Company’s Asia Vice-President , of sexual wrongdoing.

Logan — a martial to hand fighting master and film official who has worked with Weinstein on a few movies and every now and again goes with Weinstein in Hong Kong, Beijing, and other Asian cities — said because of the allegations that he had an “excessively joyful demeanor towards physical experiences with ladies” over his grown-up life, yet denied any “criminal wrongdoing.”

In the article, Indonesian-Chinese performing artist Sable Yu accused Logan for presenting himself to her and of lewd behavior in 2011, when the two were taking a shot at Logan’s film Snowblade.

Yu said on one event, when she and Logan were separated from everyone else in an office, Logan had asked her, “Would you like to see my enormous dick?” — and presented himself to her however she declined his offer. She said he at that point pulled her hand towards his penis to touch it, and asked her, “Do you need it?”

Yu said in a video meet with HK01 that Logan had squeezed her areola before the cast and team — even after she had said she didn’t need anybody to touch her — which she discovered “corrupting.” She additionally said that Logan had proposed she lay down with Weinstein so she could promote her vocation.

An Australian-Chinese on-screen character, who wished to be known as Ms. A, revealed to HK01 that Logan sexually struck her when she filled in as his interpreter amid the taping of the spin-off of Hunching Tiger, Shrouded Winged serpent in Beijing in September, 2015.

Ms. A said that Logan removed her garments and stuck his head between her legs when she was sleeping in his lodging room following a 20-hour work day. She disclosed to HK01 that she could push him off her and left the inn promptly.

Ms. An and Yu likewise asserted independently that Logan had constrained them to be half naked or completely bare amid re-throwing tries out for Snowblade from 2012 to mid 2017.

Three other ladies — display Helene Siwan Leclerc, German performer Natalie Lund and a Taiwanese model who did not wish to be named — additionally revealed to HK01 they were made a request to be either half or completely naked amid the tryouts.

Leclerc said that Logan likewise more than once requesting that her spread her legs and to do the parts when she was totally bare, including that in spite of the fact that she felt exceptionally awkward, she had concurred in light of the fact that “he gave me a possibility, and I needed to battle for it.”

He at that point said he was stunned the columnist addressed him, “and articulated reactions confidentially which seem to be insubordinate and guarded. I apologize for the same.”

He later issued an announcement to HK01.

announcement to HK01

Logan composed that he is contrite for his past conduct and has learnt from it, yet included that a great part of the allegations are “either false or taken outside of any relevant connection to the subject at hand” and denied “any criminal wrongdoing.”

He likewise said that he was “stunned at the claimed conduct of Weinstein towards ladies,” and that he had never seen, nor have anybody portray to him any points of interest of asserted rapes during the time he has known Weinstein.

“Throughout the times of my grown-up life, I have made advances to ladies. Now and again they were repelled and some of the time they were responded. I have had an excessively lighthearted demeanor towards physical experiences with ladies. I have made wrong remarks cheerfully or after a couple of beverages. I now observe I wasn’t right and I have committed errors for which I can’t pardon myself. I should live with them,” he said.

Logan included however that he had been “altogether proficient towards each entertainer” who went for Snowblade.

Following the HK01 report, on-screen character Juju Chan revealed to Assortment that Logan “strongly kissed” her in a taxi after a gathering after she tried out for one of his movies.

Juju Chan revealed to Assortment
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“I was so youthful and was in stun. I simply graduated. I didn’t know how to respond,” Chan told Assortment. “I pushed him away. He said farewell and left.”

Chan said Logan at that point endeavored to “show her out” of Hunkering Tiger, Concealed Winged serpent: Sword of Fate, a couple of years after the fact by calling her and offering her “extremely low pay for a side part.”

Chan said at last, the throwing executive for the movie reached him straightforwardly with an offer for one of the lead parts that she acknowledged.

“[Logan] didn’t need me to be in the thrown,” she said. “He said to me: ‘all young ladies I work with are my sweethearts. For what reason wouldn’t you be able to be my sweetheart? You are the main young lady who cannot.'”

Logan has denied Chan’s charges, disclosing to Assortment that he didn’t have expert to and did not settle on throwing choices on the film as a co-maker.

“I didn’t have expert to and did not make any endeavors to ‘show’ anybody out of the motion picture. I have never made any recommendations to her,” he said.

Logan didn’t restore a demand for input on every one of the charges from BuzzFeed News.

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