RESTAURANTS Should Stop Fun Bathroom Signs

So cut this nonsense out, restaurants of the world. Just put up a normal sign. Okay. I’m done now. Goodbye.


Because at the end of the day, I JUST WANT TO PEE IN PEACE!

I don’t want fruity penises and vaginas! I just want some WORDS on a damn SIGN.

Please stop making me think about people’s junk when I’m trying to eat my lunch.

Why are we nailing shoes to a door just to enforce a dumb stereotype? How is that easier than just putting up a SIGN?

If you stand here long enough you can probably figure this one out. But WHY OH WHY is the restaurant making us solve a riddle before we pee???

Is this restroom exclusively for contortionists? Very unclear.

FIRST OF ALL, most of these signs are confusing as hell. Like this one: What is going on here???

Have you ever been in a restaurant that was “hip” or “cool” or maybe even “spunky”? If so, that restaurant probably tried to do something “UNIQUE” with their bathroom signs. Y’know, something like this:

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