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Butt wiggle engage!

Asking the real questions

Messing with the wrong beehive operation payback.


I’ve seen Endgame. I’ll do what I can

FP Edit: is this the part where I make a request? Take a guess what it is


Finally.  Now I can creep harder.  


‘Sssssscuze me sssssssir

Thigh High Thursday

Happy 25th April!

Edit - oh hello Most Viral list! Please don’t send nudes.

Moose are such majestic creatures

F@ck you, Tim!

baby fox

stolen from Reddit

Evil Appendix

Long story short, my appendix tried to kill me. The little dude is getting evicted in a couple hours. If you feel a serious pain that seems to originate in your lower right abdomen, don't try and be tough, just go to the hospital. Image credit to some random person.

I'm dying. I don't know who else I can whine to about not being able to get it up that isn't my psychiatrist.

Does SNRI stand for "Son, Nutting is Really Impossible"? I have been trying to find a medicine that would work for me. After years of ineffectiveness, allergic reactions, and suicide attempts, I've finally found a medicine that helps me and improves my quality of life from "Nightmare" back to "Hey, Not too rough." Ironically, now there are things in my life that I WISH would be hard again. Its been a little over a month. While the first few weeks were at least bearable, these past few days have been utter hell. Finally find something that works and it has ONE problem that is AWFUL. I've broken out the hottest research materials I could find. Viewed tiddies both large and small. Anime and Non-anime. Travelled back in time to the Newgrounds 18+ section. All for naught. No nut to be had. Anyway, I'm surprised how much better I feel for posting this. I'm not one to ever really even post here, much less post one of these kinds of memes, but goddamnit I needed to vent and I didn't know where else to turn. If you personally have dealt with this or have any advice please let me know. Above all else, I hope this is fixable. I don't want to go back into medication limbo again. I want to get better. Anyway. Send well wishes, the hottest research materials you have (I'm into short haired cuties, alt girls, and piercings), and nudes. Thanks for listening! EDIT: Surprisingly, not a ploy to get nudes. Just figured if there was ever a time to put it in a post it'd be now. Anyway, keep the comments coming! Unnecessarily replying to all of them is keeping me distracted from my "Weenie worries"


My Amazon wishlist.. also front of box

Cat befriending tank unicorns

Leave Saitama alone

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