South Queensferry, Scotland
A man in Atlantic City
Matt Rourke / AP

A man in Atlantic City, New Jersey, on Jan. 4. A huge winter storm cleared from the Carolinas to Maine on Thursday, dumping snow along the drift and bringing solid breezes that will introduce perhaps record-breaking chilly.

John F. Kennedy International Airport
Rebecca Butala How / Getty Images

JetBlue planes hold up at the doors outside Terminal 5 at John F. Kennedy Worldwide Airplane terminal on Jan. 4, in the New York City district of Rulers.

New Year's celebrations
Leo Correa / AP

A couple at Copacabana shoreline amid New Year’s festivals in Rio de Janeiro on Jan. 1.

South Queensferry, Scotland
Jeff J Mitchell / Getty Images

Swimmers respond to the water as they join around 1,100 New Year swimmers, many in ensemble, amid the yearly Crazy Dook Swim on Jan. 1, in South Queensferry, Scotland.

World Trade Center in New York City
Gary Hershorn / Getty Images

The “supermoon” ascends behind the horizon of lower Manhattan and One World Exchange Center in New York City on Jan. 1, as observed from Jersey City, New Jersey.

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