Now Blind People Can Tell Time!

There are around 285 million people in this world, who are visually impaired. This figure includes all those need that need some form of visual aid to assist them. Visual aids have improved with time and made countless blind lives convenient. First there were mere walking sticks, and then came spectacles and lenses and then scientific breakthrough in the form of Lasik and other laser surgeries. Even now many new forms of visual aids are under way, as science and technology are advancing.

Watches for the Visually Impaired

Initially there were watches for the visually impaired. You just had to flip open the watch, touch the needles and get to know the time easily. However as time progressed, scientists have come up with new and innovative brail watches called “The Dot”. These were invented by a South Korean designer. The watch does not only tell the time but also notifies owner of any new messages and helps him to reply to them. It is made of aluminum and is weightless. You can easily wear it anywhere and anytime. Other features include a rechargeable battery, touch sensor, vibration motor for notification and a Bluetooth to connect with your phone to notify you of any new message.

How does it work?

Underneath the watch, there are four modules with six possible dots. These dots rise and fall separately so the dot can display 4 Braille characters at a time. These characters are easily readable by the visually impaired person as it is similar to those on paper. The watch has a concave rim around the dial to protect the Braille display area.

Eone Bradley

This is another kind of watch for the visually impaired. It uses magnetic spheres to tell time, each sphere representing a clock hand. If you want to know the time, you just touch the watch and get to know the time based on where the spheres are raised. The Dot comparatively is digital LED and tells exact time so you don’t have to check time every now and then.

Science is advancing by the passing minute. We can see proofs in the form of 3D printed ultrasounds for blind moms to be, smart canes that direct people to walk through ultrasound waves and lots more.

Now Blind People Can Tell Time!

Braille Smartwatch 2

Braille Smartwatch 3

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Braille Smartwatch

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