justin bieber with selena gomez

So the same number of you know, quite possibly’s Jelena may perhaps be getting back together (!!!!!!!!!)

justin bieber with selena gomez
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Also, another late-’00s fave couple Miley and Liam have returned together as well (yet that is old news.)

My little angel and I.

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Essentially, that implies we simply require one final blending to finish The Disney Station Power Couple Trifecta of the Late-’00s. Also, that power couple, my companions, is none other than…

Disney Channel
Disney Channel, I added hearts


The famous Disney Station OTP needs to rejoin. Not really for their own purpose, but rather for my more youthful self who require evidence that teenager costar love can last.

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Let’s be realistic: Zanessa was #relationshipgoalz from the minute they were first combined up at their 2005 Secondary School Melodic tryout. I’m sad, however, that is the cutest ~start of something new~ story in the historical backdrop of this fruitful earth.

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They had ~obvious chemistry~ in the in the background film of the OG HSM. It got my prepubescent heart Pounding.

obvious chemistry
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At that point Zac costarred in Vanessa’s music video for her 2006 bop, “Say alright”, which influenced me to wish I had a kid to content on my silver Sidekick.

Zac costarred
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In the long run, they both proceeded onward: Vanessa began dating Austin Head servant and going to Coachella. Zac featured in a long line of motion pictures about how hot he is. Everything was fine, yet I couldn’t shake the inclination that it simply wasn’t right.

Throwback to the day I lived my festival fairy dreams

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However, when said gathering circulated, a specific Troy Bolton was mysteriously gone.

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