that you aren't this woman

This isn’t your Car

this isn't your car

That you weren’t this Kid

That you weren't this kid

That this wasn’t Left for You

That this wasn't left for you

That you weren’t this Person in the Rain that Day

That you weren't this person in the rain that day

Be Brateful that you weren’t Driving the Forklift this Day

Be grateful that you weren't driving the forklift this day

That this isn’t your Trunk

That this isn't your trunk

And that this isn’t your Truck

And that this isn't your truck

Be Glad you’re not Ellen (with the Bad Haircut)

Be glad you're not Ellen (with the bad haircut

That this isn’t your Gear

that this isn't your gear

That you aren’t this Woman

that you aren't this woman

Be Glad you didn’t Drive Past these Signs

Be glad you didn't drive past these signs

Rejoice that you weren’t at the Beach this Day

Rejoice that you weren't at the beach this day

Thank God this didn’t Happen to you Today

Thank God this didn't happen to you today

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