How Pizza Hut Prevented a Crime

Cheryl Treadway was living with her boyfriend Ethan Nickerson in Florida. They started out great as partners, supporting each other through thick and thin and sharing all the happiness with each other. But after sometime, the love between them started to wave off and they found it difficult to live with each other. Cheryl’s life turned upside down when she realized that it was time for separation as her fanatic boyfriend was not worth her love.

Nickerson’s Abusive Behaviour

Nickerson’s Abusive Behaviour

The financial position of the couple was not very well. Nickerson was drowned in debts and due to that he started getting frustrated all the time, around his wife as well as their three kids. The fact that he did not have a clean record in the past, explains his abnormal behaviour in the house. He was neither mentally fit nor physically.

Such a behaviour around children disturbs their mind to a great extent and parents should at all times try to promote a positive and peaceful culture. Unfortunately Nickerson failed to do so, and hurt his children physically and mentally.  He had extreme anger management problems.

The Argument

That particular day the argument started in the morning over a small issue regarding a bill, which both Cheryl and Ethan dragged for so long that it became a big issue and difficult to handle. Cheryl had to drop her kids to school and so she went for a while. When she came back home, she noticed that Ethan had not left for work yet and he was waiting for her.

They started quarrelling again and this time, took it to such an extent that Ethan got out of control, grabbed a knife and started exerting it towards Cheryl.

Later in the afternoon, Cheryl had to pick her kids from school but Ethan wouldn’t leave her side as he feared she would never come back home after what happened. He forcefully sat in the car with her and carried the knife with him all along the way to threat her.

After returning home, they started arguing again and Ethan was so put off that he dangled the knife on Cheryl and her children too!

She was terrified and did not want to keep her children’s life at stake, so she started to play smartly and asked Ethan if she could borrow her phone for placing an order from the Pizza Hut application and Ethan agreed.

She placed the order and left a small secret message to get the help she needed.

Candy Hamilton, the restaurant manager received this message “Help me, Get 911 to me”. So she contacted 911 and the officers arrived at Cheryl’s place. They asked Ethan to surrender and then took him under custody.

Cheryl and her kids are now safe and far away from the daily torture they used to face.

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