+5 HomeAdvisor Alternative and Similar Websites Like Home Advisor

These Five Plus Sites Work As One-stop Solution for Everything:

THUMBTACK Alternative Website


Life in the 21st century is challenging and fast-paced. Each and everything is now on your fingertips, just one click away. In this technological era, the internet and your cell phone are considered a solution to every problem. The website ‘Thumbtack’ is one of the contributors designed for making your life easier. It offers you the best help by providing the local professionals through their website and app as well.

Now, you don’t have to waste time and money on an unprofessional plumber, painter or any local worker to get your work done. The website offers you workers for any kind of work and event. Millions of consumers are benefiting through this two-way application.

The two-way solution works for both — those who are looking for part-time or additional work and the ones that need or want some help in completing their chores. Housewives, working women, commuters, homeowners, virtually anyone can make use of this app. It’s more than a product. Young entrepreneurs with their small businesses can expand through this platform.

Thumbtack is meant for everyone. With time it is destined to expand from the heart of USA. Our successful future of boon and prosperity motivates us to devise articulate Thumbtack strategies. In a world where tech is often seen as eroding good jobs, we’re helping small business owners thrive. Our product makes entrepreneurship accessible to everyone.

Thousands of consumers’ and customers’ choice is Thumbtack for approaching the pros in all fields. Its use is also simple as you just need a profile for your business that would be used for matching with customers’. The pros can share their prices on the basis of each job.
And get yourself hired by proving yourself. Following the app can be utilized to browse requests, chat with customers and book appointments anytime, anywhere.

It’s used as a tool to help self-made professionals and small business owners in the USA, find new customers and grow their businesses, making life easier in hiring plumber, handyman, gardener, dog groomer, or any local service business. It’s as easy as ordering products from Amazon.

Customers visit their website, enter a bunch of information about the service they are looking for, and then Thumbtack connects the customer with multiple pros who have the opportunity to bid on jobs and sell themselves to customers. Thumbtack then charges the pro when the customer hires them or communicates with them.


PORCH Altervative Website


The Seattle-based company, a start-up for home owners, gives ease in finding contractors for interiors and exteriors help, and landscape project. It’s a flexible, hassle-free way to manage a project and get professionals online. Its reach has hit up to 3 million home professionals in a short time span. To help out the consumers to get experienced professionals it has developed a partnership with Lowe’s and Better Business Bureau.

It’s an effective way for home improvement. The Porch’s outstanding feature is its data operation. This way it differs from other home service platforms. Besides seeing complete project photos and finding pros that have done projects in your neighborhood, you can create a home portfolio that shows your home improvement.

The super formula works for the home owners that are quite finicky about the contractors and their home projects as well as the independent adults who want to support their parents in maintaining houses.

How does it work?

  1. Sign up and provide brief details about your project for suitable prices and professionals.


  1. It will then connect you with Porch Services pros or recommend some friends in the Porch Pro Network as per match.


  1. Your Home Assistant provides useful tools and resources, in addition to hassle-free help, whenever and wherever you need it.


Porch.com becomes strong lead in maintaining the loop for the homeowners, that keep space for renovation and fixing their homes. It’s on your tips to hire the best professional for your project by availing the facility of the interview chat with them.

The Porch makes sure to satisfy its consumers and with services it also provides a guarantee of property protection of up to $1,000.


HOUZZ Altervative


A global operator, ‘Houzz’ is accessible in 15 countries other than the U.S. Houzz offers the best plan for home renovation and designs. A hustle-free kick provides you with the best tools, resources and vendors for your project.

It is a hub for 20,000 sellers who offer 10 million different products. It makes life easier for the home owners to choose and have its ‘3D’ view for more satisfactory results. The ‘3D’ feature is likely to be considered as a USP for Houzz. With its convenient and satisfactory services, it has become a community of more than 40 million users. You can share your queries and discuss with the professionals online.

“We’re changing the way that people shop for their homes”, the CEO, Tatarko, said. “People can find everything they need for their project, whether they want to redesign a room or build a multimillion-dollar home and everything in between.”

The hustle-free ride is available for a browser as well as on the app. This successful business has grown into a global operation, with localized services in 15 countries. It provides you reference pictures, reviews, reasonable prices, discounts, suggestions and what not. The only effort that is required by you is signup!


HOME ADVISOR Alternative


An online market place, HomeAdvisor has been connecting home owners with service professionals for home-related matters since 1999. It has caused its major competitors to wind up business. It offers a convenient way to find out contractors for the work you need to get done.

HA, a digital platform, works two-way as it’s a paid geek for home professionals and a service provider source for home owners. It only has registered professionals, and that also get hired after passing through a stringent screening test.

It’s important that before getting into deciding anything, always look up for suggestions and reviews; and its reviews won’t disappoint you. It’s a great loop for hiring competent people at reasonable rates. From a fence fixing, building a new house, event décor, exterior renovation and what not, get everything accomplished only at one go! HA cares about customer satisfaction, and that’s the reason it always gets follow-ups.


Website Like Consumers’ Checkbook

Consumers’ Checkbook:

An independent non-profit site, Consumers’ Checkbook has been helping its consumers since 1974. A pioneer in the market place, it is published by the Center for the Study of Services. It’s considered as the best helper for consumers in making smarter choices for themselves.

It works in Automotive Services, Healthcare Providers, Home Services, Leisure & Travel, Personal Finance, Personal Services, Pet Care Services, and Stores. Consumers’ Checkbook efficiently evaluates the local providers and products through consumers’ surveys. Findings are based on ratings that cover each and every aspect of the respective service or field, which works as a guide for users and saves time.

Through CC federal employees can find the best FEHB plan for you and your family at fair prices. It also has been dealing in car bargains service for more than 25 years- saved thousands of dollars of consumers, as it provides 100 pc money back guarantee and respects your privacy. You can easily facilitate yourself through this service by just telling the model and style of car. Their expert staff contacts at least 5 dealers near you and gets them to give their most competitive pricing. And it’s all dependent on you to choose the dealers after the in-depth report by CC.

It works for consumers, by consumers and through consumers, that’s the reason its findings are credible and trustworthy. The findings are being reported online and in regional magazines in  Washington D.C., Boston, Chicago, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Seattle metro areas, and for some services, nationally.




Life couldn’t be easier without online facilities; Service Whale is also one of those facilities that care for people and provides them home services۔
It doesn’t matter either you are planning for appliances, travel, Financial Products or clothing. It provides you the real prices of the desired item or product you want in a quick meantime.
The patent-pending quoting technology that has been considered as a useful feature provides access to home owners to get custom quotes for home services without any hassle. The true meaning of e-commerce has been fulfilled by the Service Whale.
For a record, contractor shows up the prices for the work that have done by them in order to make the customers have helpful yet competent information on hands. It provides enough access to the customers and contractors to get their work done.


HOME-STARS Alternative Websites


Like its name, it will make you shine by choosing the best for your need. It makes a way for you and will find the best and suitable contractor in regards to save your time.
Home-Star is a free-online service free from a trap of hidden charges. It’s considered as a portable medium for home owners, to get reputable renovators, handyman, and retailers at ease. The company made it possible by allowing users to access the data of about 2 million companies with authentic reviews.
The reviews are based on personal experiences that allow the home owners to make better choices.
HS comes under one of the best-known companies of Canada. As it works on the idea of making its users’ life easier yet focus on providing them with the best of experiences.


AMAZON SERVICES alternative websites


In spite of covering all sort of products, Amazon also provides home services to home owners and a chance to contractors and service professionals to grow their businesses.
Amazon is easy to use since you just have to choose the service and add it into a cart. In the last step tell them your required dates and pay after your project completion.
You don’t have to worry about the professionalism they offer because Amazon only hires professionals with efficient work record, after through a stringent screening to make sure about the security concerns.
No special signup or subscription is required. This all can be done by your account like other online shopping.
They take care about their customers’ satisfaction that’s the reason Amazon has a policy of 100 percent refund or compensation by fixing all wrongs.




Individuals that are looking for service professionals, now Handy Alternative will take care of the rest. From providing a home cleaning to handyman services, everything you can fix by Handy help.
It instantly connects thousands of customers weekly, with trusted professionals Worldwide. Besides HA professional services, it’s easy to operate as its booking process only take 60-seconds with secure payment and a 100 percent money back guarantee.
With its name, it is likely to be considered as the handiest, a convenient way to book home services.

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