"Prepared" for 60 Minutes

1. Made one Outing and Lived to Tell the Story:

Made one outing and lived to tell the story
Twitter: @HoJoLego

2. Put your Turn Noticeable all Around for Reasons Unknown:

Put your Turn Noticeable all Around for Reasons Unknown
Twitter: @kasskassy2

3. Deliberately Arranged your “HERE”:

Deliberately Arranged your "HERE"
Twitter: @sofritolocito

4. Recovered the Crate of Disgrace:

Recovered the Crate of Disgrace
kardashiansfuckyeah.tumblr.com / Via theonion.com

5. Encountered the Interminable Battle:

Encountered the Interminable Battle

6. Said the Picked Word:

Said the Picked Word
Twitter: @mattslusser / Via Getty

7. “Prepared” for 60 Minutes:

"Prepared" for 60 Minutes
Twitter: @peyton_darnelll / Via Getty

8. Done the Cricket Rub:

Done the Cricket Rub
lets-do-the-time-warp-again.tumblr.com / Via Getty

9. Tranquilly Left:

Tranquilly Left
Twitter: @kinggvaris

10. GotSome Vverrrrry Suspicious Rest:

GotSome Vverrrrry Suspicious Rest
Twitter: @_sxbz

12. Lost all your Tired:

Lost all your Tired
Twitter: @MythManny / Via Getty

13. Looked at the Small ‘Net:

Looked at the Small 'Net
araxoolie.tumblr.com / Via Getty

14. Requested WATER:

Requested WOTER

18. Got a Little Diverted:

Got a Little Diverted
Twitter: @askaboutaaj

19. Done the old’ Delicate Touch:

Done the ol' Delicate Touch
Twitter: @Kristen_Arnett

20. Had the “Damages so Great” Music Minute:

Had the "Damages so Great" Music Minute

21. RAN the House:

RAN the House
Instagram: @theladbible

22. Got those Red Imprints:

Got those Red Imprints

24. Run Birthday Figurings:

Run Birthday Figurings
Twitter: @_AllHailTiffany

25. Made an Effort not to Be Emotional:

Made an Effort not to Be Emotional
Twitter: @kiermcwilliam

27. Also, at Long Last, Surrendered:

Also, at Long Last, Surrendered
Twitter: @tbhjuststop
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