Couple Continued Meeting Far and wide

This is Rob and Joli Switzer. Rob is from the US, and Joli is from the Philippines.

Puka Beach, Boracay Island, Philippines

They first met at an explorers’ meetup in Cebu City, in the Philippines, in 2010 and moved toward becoming companions. They kept in contact online before meeting each other again three years later the fact and beginning a long-remove relationship.

long-distance relationship
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San Francisco

Since they were in various nations, they would discover approaches to meet each other in an alternate piece of the world like clockwork.

find ways to meet each other
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Milan, Italy

What’s more, when they did, they generally postured to take similar photos.

take the same photo
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New York City

“Everybody was taking hop shots and mark travel postures, so we thought to make our own particular charming sentimental stance only for kicks,” Rob and Joli told to BuzzFeed News. “Spontaneously, we chose that the ‘dip kiss’ ought to be it.”

Rob and Joli
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Chocolate Hills, Bohol, Philippines

The couple had initially just shared their photos with family and friends yet as of late chose to post them on the online. Their Instagram page has since increased more than 5,000 followers.

couple had originally
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Lisbon, Portugal

“It was one of the main routes for us to meet each other when we were separated,” Rob and Joli said.”we both love to a movement as a side interest in any case so it functioned admirably for us.”

we both loved
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Monument Valley, Utah

“We both had all day employments the entire time we dated,” they said. “So we spared all of our cash and just utilized our paid time off to see each other.”

we saved every bit
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Following two years living in different nations and one more year in different US states, Rob proposed to Joli in Moscow.

Rob proposed to Joli
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Rob proposed to Joli in Moscow
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Also, they were married in June this year.

married in June
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Barcelona, Spain

The couple said that they were stunned at how much consideration their story has become yet were particularly propelled by other people sharing the stories of their own long-separate romances.

own long-distance romances
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Grandfather Mountain, North Carolina

“We simply cherish seeing couples who beat the chances and prove that stories like these are conceivable,” they said.

love seeing couples
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