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Twisted Endings Comics Stories

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The ideas for these comics come from everywhere. Some appear fully formed. Some come from dreams. Others from nightmares. Whenever an idea burrows into my head and refuses to let go, I know it’s time to turn it into one of our stories. The Tattoo Artist:     Stormy Weather: […]

Mermaid Problems

Artist Verauko Funny Comics

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What’s the secret to becoming a successful Artist? Creating imaginative dominance, producing more thoughts, having phenomenal internet social networking nearness? Attempt every one of them. What’s more, on the off chance that you require a case, Natalia Trykowska (otherwise called Verauko) is the ideal one. She’s an exceptionally gainful Clean […]

25+ Couple Comics That Are Excessively Relatable In the event that You Have A Clingy And Charming Sweetheart

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Cutesy couples funnies comics to be on a drift of late, with a lot of motivating and inspiring cases to browse. These funnies are from Seoul-based craftsman gyung, and tell straightforward stories of affection and the delights of fraternity. On the off chance that you are seeing someone, certainly identify […]