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After SEO the other main loop and thread that can bring more traffic to your site are social bookmarking sites. It is important to look for social bookmarking websites that are worth a shot.

You don’t have to worry about it, just skim through this article, at the end you would get all the information right there.


Top 23 Social bookmarking Sites:


A small bird’s based logo platform works great in regards of credibility and mass medium. Most of the time it is used for posting content, links, and pictures. It’s an easy way to get on your own by availing the revisiting facility for everything.


It’s considered one of the most useful platforms due to its massive reach of about 175 million users.

StumbleUpon/ Mix

StumbleUpon also was known as ‘Mix’ is considered as one of the most popular social bookmarking sites and easy to use.


A place for all creative people who have an eye for graphics and design. It also helps you by providing SEO backlink actions.


If you’re looking for maximum traction then this platform would definitely do justice with your content.


It works as a folder that keeps everything you have asked for later use. Pocket users can avail a benefit of saving everything on this platform. It also offers reward points that would save you from internet access as these reward points work as an internet source.


An interesting bookmarking site that keeps a space for quality content and makes sure about its reach in a way that the content only reaches to effective readers and visitors.


This bookmarking site offers you an alternative feature of searching like a search engine without a complex system. The content quality is being questioned as per the ranking of the content. The users of Folk.d decides the top search result by marking it. If your content piece gets saved by many users, it eventually will come in top results and visitors would be able to witnessed better quality content.


Are you short on time and want to make most from your content then Reddit is the suitable platform for you. It’s everything to offer from up and downvoting feature to the ranking of content based on comments.


Fark is famous for producing only high quality content. It’s a social networking news site and besides its tough deadlines it never compromise and always generate good quality content for the visitors. If you’re up to boost your site then this is the perfect solution.


It’s a social bookmarking site for all entrepreneurs, start-up owners, marketers because it offers you an opportunity to grow with like-minded people of same fields. It’s also used for the site’s credibility and reputation.


People that are passionate and crazy about technology then this place is a good shot for them. You’ll find its content mostly on technology aspects, from gaming to upcoming technology, computer hardware to security management and what not.

We Heart It

It offers a facility to save and submit variety of content at one place. This platform is visually appealing and easily accessible; this would be a home for people who have an eye for art.


A professional taste site, in order to facilitate professionals with formation, curation of content and cater all queries of content. The best thing so far has been the idea of two platforms it offers, one for the individuals who can avail it for free and the other paid geek is for business people.


It’s an alternative for all News Vine fans; it works the same way as News vine. Trendiee follows supercool strategy of easy function along with the agenda of delivering trendy news with creative execution for its viewers.


It deals with academic based content more towards research, reports, analysis and other theory-based content. It is considered a stop for studious people and those who have a knack for research and other academic skills.


BibSonomy has a unique feature in its marketing strategy, and it serves to promote scientific-based content; which is rare on social bookmarking sites. A highly recommended site for business and academic types in regards to collaborate with effective content material.


It lights your burden by offering you free services to save, assemble and maintain the quality of your articles. Besides this cool feature it also provides suggestions and recommends articles; that further gives boosts to content originator.


A simple and the most considerable among internet browser that gathers and portray its favorite collections. It’s also considered an easy way to collect and share new content.


An influential social bookmarking site for all technology aspirer and software developers all over the world. It keeps them updated with the latest trends of technologies and software by sharing knowledge on the same platform.


This platform specifically targets the audience who prefers original pieces, reality and facts-based life rather a world of fantasy. Larry Kim has already vouched for this medium for the success of the content.


If you have made PowerPoint presentation then you would definitely opt to repurpose the content on Slide Share.


A platform for all knowledge seekers and a great forum for discussions, sharing ideas and suggestions; a solution for your queries through questions/answers format. People also share their experiences with the concerned query that helps a lot and bring more visitors to the site.

Remaining for Good measure

To keep your SEO game stronger than ever here we have provided the list of some known and new remaining chunks that would speed up the success of your site or web page.


The most popular and usable social network till the date. It doesn’t matter that Facebook doesn’t value or consider organic reach, but since it is the most known social platform and can work as a main lead for traffic to your site.


This stop keeps you updated about the World affairs that’s also a main reason Flipboard is in the list.


A blog reader place of about 15 million users’; a platform like Feedly can work really well in boosting your sites due to its strong reach. It is also used as a news aggregator for different web browsers and devices.

Google Plus

Google’s own product Google Plus gives you access to explore new and unique content, share your own content pieces with your network.


You read it correctly, it’s Instapaper, not an Instagram; provide easy ways to save and read offline facility that can be avail anytime and anywhere.


It was started as a content aggregator but later on, Kirsty added a feature for its users to submit art based content in any form.


If you want to see bookmarks then this works accurately by using the bookmark tools.


A professional network site with 500+ members allows you to make your professional networking stronger.


It works to improve users’ connectivity yet discussions on websites.


A blogger and publishers’ platform that keep their readers hooked by viral top 10 lists or listicles with community help.


It’s not well-known site but works effectively for short-form blogs and its users are free to post and share all kind of content.


It helps you to identify sites that are able to provide backlinks.


A news site maintained and edit by the members of the community who are pro with .NET development techniques, technologies, and tools.


It gives you liberty to produce, generate, post, publish and share web content without any trap of hidden charges.


It accepts submissions of all sort of multimedia content, images, events, and everything.


An easy democratic social bookmarking site that accepts the content and then gets vote on it from the community.


It is considered as a sharing platform as it is a link sharing website. People who are interested to share any kind of content this website would work for you.


If you’re tired of managing your bookmarks and sometimes don’t find them at the right places? Then Sitejot would organize it for you and will keep your bookmarks in one place.


An online service that allows you to save, share and have links across the web.


It plays with submitted content’s approval; that’s why it works great for boosting.


Through this social bookmarking site a community decides the best bookmarked content and elements by voting.


An online news blog site that gives access to its user for posting their own tales and stories.


A digital pro hacks to save to everything and anything. It further allows sharing your projects with the help of project management tool; it’s a good social collaborator.


If you want to save and send you favorite links to others or to your friends Zypid provides you this opportunity.


It’s a community weblog; people of the community give their share by posting links on and comments.


A social bookmarking site that accept articles without any charges across the web.


It is considered a free social bookmarking site without compromising the standards.


Here you can make your submission easily from any place.


A platform for its users to submit their articles and share the high quality content based on voting to other social sites and networks.

Speed up your game with the mentioned social bookmarking website tools.

We live in a digital world and soon everything would be digitalized; it’s high time to move your step ahead through these traffic generators tips and make your brand and webpage’s image stronger than ever.

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