iPhone XR

Apple’s iPhone Xr is a ‘budget-friendly’ iPhone X

The brand new iPhone XR that is the budget-friendly iPhone released by Apple last week and this one is coming in at 750 bucks so interesting pricing. We were hoping that came in at $6.99 We know this is supposed to be the iPhone that’s out for everyone.

iPhone XR

They do come in a ton of different colors. This time really reminds me of the iPhone, was it the five scénic correct the five sieve that had a ton of colors a similar to this but this time around it is made out of aluminum.

There are six colors: black white coral there was a blue a yellow a yellow nice and a product red as well so six different colors that We got to check out. We think my personal favorite may have been the coral. We were hoping it was a bit more orange but that is okay curious to hear your thoughts which your fav color was? so, unlike the iPhone 10s and say the iPhone 8 these ones are made completely out of aluminum. On the front, it’s a 6.1 inch panel that’s 1792 by 892 pixels that has a pixel density of 326 it’s the first edge-to-edge LCD panel and Apple calls it the liquid Retina display and other than those changes in say the materials, and the design the iPhone 10 R brings a lot of what we’ve seen in the iPhone 10 S which is awesome.

It has the same 812 Bionic chip. It’s got the same face idea recognition and sensors inside. On the back, it has a single end system but it’s very similar though to the 10 sis with the dual lenses it’s a 12-megapixel sensor F 1.8 and it does use a lot of software. You can still do the bokeh effects and you can still do depth control with it. Now, that’s really interesting very similar to say what the pixel has combined a lot of software with of course the hardware of the camera, and We guess lastly in terms of battery life Apple didn’t really mention too many specs.

But, they said it had one and a half hours more than the iPhone eight so we’re hoping that does deathly lose the entire day. Obviously, I’ll be testing these guys at more in-depth but these are my first overall impressions and hands-on with the devices and of course with the iPhone 10. It is all about the different colors and all about bringing value for 750 dollars.

It’s available in 64 128 and 256 gigs available to pre-order on October 19th and fully available on October 26. Hope you guys enjoy this short iPhone XR review article and obviously a ton more content coming around the latest Apple iPhones. Hope to catch you guys in one of those articles and very curious which color you guys would end up picking? let me know down below in the comments section and we’ll catch you in the rest of my Apple iPhone content. Have a good day!


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