5 Giant Breed Dogs You Must Know About

If you’re a fan of huge dogs, you’ve come to the right place.

These humongous dogs are very strong and have been kept by people in the past for safety reasons. There is not only one but many breeds of such dogs that have evolved over time. Experts say that “C” giant breed dogs are those which weight more than 45 kg.

Did you know that the world’s biggest dog was called Benedictine and it weighed 366 pounds?

List of Giant Dogs

Kuvasz Dog

Kuvasz dog

It is a breed of Hungarian dogs, usually used for guarding live stocks. This dog is usually white in color has a wavy straight texture of hair. Its active, vigilant characteristic proves to be helpful for the shepherd in looking after his herd. It’s known to be the smartest yet funniest dog due to the different moves it makes.

Cane Corso Dog

breed dog

This is an Italian breed dog which has close resemblance to Neapolitan Mastiff. He is usually used for guarding and hunting purpose. He is not very bulky but still has strong muscles, a height of about 70cm and weighs around 40 to 50kg. Its average life is 12-13 years.

Landseer Dog

Landseer dog

The Landseer dog breed is a lot like Newfoundlands. This breed is comparatively colorful, has a height of 80cm and weighs around 180 pounds. It is a rescue dog when it comes to saving drowning people, as it enjoys swimming. It is easy to train as it has a quality of giving fast responses.

Akbash Dog

Akbash Dog

Akbash dog is also a guardian to the livestock of the shepherd. But he weighs somewhere between 75-114 pounds and is also slightly taller than the Turkish breed. Its height is somewhere in the range of 27-34 inches. They usually have some markings on their ears and are found in medium full white double coat. They are calm by nature and have an average life of 10-12 years.

Kangal Dog

Kangal Dog

Lastly, we have a Kangal dog, who is a Turkish breed dog. He also serves the guarding purpose for the livestock of shepherds. There is some conflict regarding the standard measurement of this dog. According to the US, its height is between 30-32 inches and weight of about 145 pound. This dog is faster compared to others as it is not very bulky. It can reach a speed of approximately 50km/hour easily. If it is trained in a proper way, it will prove to be calm and polite and that is why it is also known to be friendly to new visitors.

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