If you go by the idiom “a picture is worth a thousand words”, then you must also agree to the statement that if words are arranged in an attractive manner within an image, it conveys a better and clearer meaning. For doing so, our team has gathered for you, a list of the best soft wares that give you a similar experience like wordle. Read on to find what these softwares provide you with!



On this software you will discover the cloud generator that empowers you to make your own label clouds in seconds, this software is free, and can be downloaded with ease, all the data about “tag clouds generator programming” is on Tagul.com. Tagul has dined a few best elements that are not accessible on wordle, similar to alternative for picking customized shapes and different textual styles that are utilized as a part of your cloud. Once your words are inserted in the web page, they can be used on your websites. You can login by simply enrolling your email and now you can make tag clouds for your website for free.

2. ABC Ya


ABC Ya is more enjoyable and appealing to students and youngsters, it’s simple to roll out improvements utilizing text styles, colors, and formats. The word cloud can be stored in jpeg format, you can likewise print if necessary. Best part of using ABC Ya is, it can be effortlessly utilized for educational purpose as well as with family. It is best for all instructors, students and family members. Its simple to utilize and does not require any login or email. We highly recommend you to use this as an alternative to wordle.

3. TagCrowd


This is a non-profit application and is rated number three among sites like wordle. It enables you to see the recurrence of words not at all like in other wordle choices, there is no limitation of changing shades, design, size and shape of textual styles. The look of your word cloud is subject to customization, it likewise lets you to keep different words together in the clouds. It also works in different dialects. The word cloud can be storedin PDF, you can likewise transfer a document or a URL address to work on it. It is exceptionally straightforward and simple to use.



Its more up-to-date and alluring as contrast with all other wordle alternatives, you can turn any content, discourse, love letters, mottos and articles  to wonderful word clouds. Making word clouds with Tagxedo is more than fun, it lets you make your clouds in various text styles, themes, manners, formats, shapes that are customizable. Tagxedo likewise lets you save, share and print your work. Tagxedo gives you full control on your assignment. The word cloud can, without much of a stretch be changed to any shape i.e. animals, heart, stars, and so forth.

5. TagCloud


TagCrowd was launched in 2005. For now it is offline, soon it will be online after the glitch is fixed. It is listed so that it can be reviewed once it starts working again.

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