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WallRule had been caught up with searching for the best life hacks tips and traps to disentangle and improve your regular day to day existence.

We have been working hard to find out some of the best ways to free yourself from daily life hassles and improve the quality of your life. Here we will walk you through an excellent plan of life that will relieve you of many hectic chores. It will introduce you to some excellent life hacks to deal with day to day tasks like getting your washed clothes dried quickly, making your boots suffer water easily, increase your telephone speakers’ volume and significantly a lot more.


Grow Roses from Potatoes

You would probably be surprised to know, but yes, you can grow roses with a little help from potatoes. Simply press the rose cutting’s base into potatoes. The composition and texture of potatoes will make the cuttings grow its roots. Can’t believe? Here you can see this yourself.


Don’t Worry! Water Can’t Do Any Damage to Your Shoes

To make your shoes avoid the damage water can cause to them, this wonderful life hack can make them waterproof. You need nothing more than beeswax and a blow dryer. Coat your shoes completely with beeswax first. What you need to do next is use the blow dryer over the shoes to dissolve the wax. Make it disappear like it was never there. Congrats, your shoes are waterproof now!


Dry Your Garment Faster

If the time comes that you need your garments dried and you don’t have a dryer, you will be happy if you recalled this trick. Spread a towel straight onto the floor, spot your attire into it and also put a smaller towel inside the clothes you want dry. Fold the bigger towel with the clothes inside and twist it as firmly as you can till the abundance of water is depleted. It’s almost done. Now just put the clothes on some holder and leave it for a few minutes to dry.


Shoes Stink? They Won’t Anymore

You can try a few things to remove the bad smell from your shoes. Simply put some dried teabags inside the shoes for some time. The teabags are great absorbent. They will take in all the bad smell. If you think sweat is the issue behind the smell, or the shoes are soaked in water, Put some mixture of rice and baking soda inside the shoes and leave them for a few days.


Shoes Are Tight? Let’s Loosen Them a Little

If your shoes are uncomfortably tight and you can wear for long hours, here is an easy solution. Fill your shoes up with wet newspaper the way that no gaps remain. Press as much of the newspaper as possible into the shoes. When the newspaper is dried, take that out and try your shoes again. Smile!


Chips’ Fire

Doesn’t it sound amazing? Yes, chips are an excellent flame igniter. The ingredients in chips, be that potato or other, along with creating a delicious taste in your mouth can burn bright flames as well.


Find Missing Things

Your vacuum cleaner can be used for this purpose. Don’t just use it to clean the floor. If you have lost something, fix some stocking at the back of the vacuum cleaner and go to the search. Pull the air from every corner where you may have lost your valuables. After finishing the hunt, see if you have got it back into the stocking, or you were not fortunate enough.


Know How Much Water You Consumed

Mark your water bottle with a dark marker and draw graphs accordingly on a paper. Make sure the lines drawn on the bottle remain fine. Keep a record of day to day water consumption and thus you won’t miss your target regarding your water intake. By the way, one should drink 8 glasses of water every day. Do you know that?


Flush with Coke

Leave your toilet tank filled with some fizzy coca-cola for a night. Then wash the tank with a cleaning agent like soap or detergent. Your toilet will now flush perfectly.


Make Drains Clean and Quick

Leave some hot water through the drain channel. Make sure you keep the water running for some time. Now is the turn of a soft drink to follow the hot water. Then comes some vinegar. Lastly, get some hot water run through the channel again. Your drains are completely unclogged now.


Make Water Flow Faster Through the Showerhead

If water from your shower is coming slower, you better do this to make the flow faster. Take a plastic with vinegar spread over it. Secure it against the showerhead by wrapping it with a rubber band. Cover the showerhead completely so that the vinegar on the plastic is absorbed into the showerhead. Remove the cover after a day and enjoy the great pressure again.


Save Buttons From Coming Off

This is one of the easiest life hacks you would ever come across. Put a coat of nail paint over the strings and you’re done. The buttons won’t come off now.


Avoid Body Odor

Don’t worry if you forgot to spray antiperspirant over your body. You just need a lemon or orange. Cut it into two and rub against your body. You won’t now smell like you were working out.


Party Harder – Increase the Volume

You don’t use bowls only to eat food. Our life hacks list has another great use of them too. You can increase volume with them too. Just put your speakers inside a bowl and the volume will go higher.


Don’t Let the Ice Melt

If you need ice to keep solid for a longer period of time, sprinkle some salt all over it. The salt won’t let the ice turn water very quickly.


An Apple in the Morning Keeps the Mouth Smell Away

Sorry for tweaking the saying that way but that’s a fact. In case you didn’t brush your teeth in the morning, take some bites of an apple and the breath will come out fresher.


Fruity Candle

Brighten your home and refresh it with the light created by a citrus candle. A lemon or an orange candle adds the sweetness in the air and injects a beautiful fragrance. Don’t know how to do it?  Visit our life hacks tutorial to learn how to do this.


Don’t Pull It Too Hard, Just Do This to Open the Jammed Lid

You may have heard about tens of ways to open the jammed lid of a container. They may also be very useful but what if you have tried all those and nothing worked out? You just need to run some boiling hot water over the container and then try to open the lid. You can also do it by putting the container at a high temperature for some time. None of these tricks will disappoint you.


The Wooden Barrier to Stop the Pot Flood

You can prevent the food from bubbling out of the pot when heating. Just put a wooden spoon over the surface. When the food will have boiled up, the wooden spoon will blow the bubbles up and won’t let the stuff flood out too quickly.


The Paper Made Ejector

Did you ever think that you can use paper clips to open the tiny SIM plate? Insert the super small paperclip in the small gap to eject the plate. Go try it out.

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