who wants to know why everyone's laughing

 This Three-kid Pileup was Just Waiting to Happen

 This three-kid pileup was just waiting to happen

This Kid Trusted You

kid trusted you

These Kids’ Sibling Connection

These kids' sibling connection

Kid’s Backflip will Need Aome Work

kid's backflip will need some work

Kid Learned Something in School Today

kid learned something in school today

Kid Slightly Misjudged a Few Things

kid slightly misjudged a few things

Kid’s Robot Helmet Failed

kid's robot helmet failed

Kid Just Wants to Know Why it’s so Slippy Slidey

kid just wants to know why it's so slippy slidey

Kid Will Never Trust

kid will never trust

Kid isn’t Sure What All the Fuss About Slides

kid isn't sure what all the fuss about slides

Kid Tried to Multi-Task

kid tried to multi-task

Kid Sure ~Fell~ for It

kid sure ~fell~ for it

Kid in the Black Sweats

kid in the black sweats

Kid Who Got Foiled

kid who got foiled

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