Indeed, there are strategies that can enable you to avoid pregnancy (without utilizing a condom).

How? Indeed, it’s extremely straightforward.

You simply need to investigate the article underneath and discover more about this.

The Protected Week:

The Protected Week

This period is the most ideal approach to avoid pregnancy without a condom. This implies you can have intercourse between the eighth day to the twentieth day of a lady’s menstrual cycle.

The Withdrawal Strategy Condom:

he Withdrawal Strategy Condom

This strategy is additionally trailed by a ton of couples. Yet, it is not totally protected. As indicated by the specialists, this technique is around 83 percent successful, only equal to a condom which is said to be 84 percent safe to anticipate pregnancy.

The Powerful Copper T:

The Powerful Copper T

The gadget is embedded by a prepared specialist and can be expelled when the couple is prepared for origination. There are a considerable measure of ladies who select this strategy to defer the odds of getting pregnant.

Conception Prevention Pills:

Conception Prevention Pills

Indeed, you can simply gain the birth power pills. Numerous specialists guarantee this is the best strategy if a few needs to stay away from a pregnancy. These conception prevention pills are hormonal based, and they manage the fruitfulness cycles of the lady so as to keep the pregnancy from happening. In any case, a few specialists believe that these pills are terrible for ladies and cause many reactions – particularly if taken for a drawn out stretch of time.



This strategy can promise you 100% that you won’t get pregnant. In any case, this is vital for you to recollect – this is a changeless strategy, so in the event that you are certain that you might not want to have (increasingly) organic youngsters later on, this would be the best answer for you.

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