Do you want to capture the best photographs?

Photography is an Art and a Smallest Picture Means a Lot to a Photographer

Now this photography can be of anything like from imaging of sunlight to low light photographs. Yourheart wants to capture whatever you love. There is always a certain  shot that you imagine in your head and capture it  with one click.

There is a huge amount of knowledge of Photography available these days. Time to time New books are added in the shelvesevery year on photography. Here you will find some really amazing techniques that will help you take perfect photographs.

The Framing 

The frame in the picture should not be dominating. It would be good if it doesn’t cover all sides of your picture equally. So don’t use such frames and prefer natural themes so that the picture’s reality doesn’t gets limited.

Frame 1

Frame 2


The Motion

Keep  a space between the camera and the object. This will make a picture more dynamic. Your motion picture will automatically be captured dynamic.

Morion 1

Motion 3


The Direction

Direction is important.  Your perception will matter  here a lot. If the things are at right place, the picture would seem more real to viewers.




The Angle

Take picture from a perspective. Your angle will interpret the story  of the subject in your style and way.


Angle 1

Angle 2

The Depth

If you want to add a 3D feel to your image then focus on Depth because it will really add this effect to your photographs. First imagine your picture and then follow features  form sky like fog, light and parallel lines .

Depth 1

Depth 2


The Foreground

If you want to attract the audience and make them feel involved then always  remember to add something in the foreground.

Capture 1


The Reflections and Shadows

If you use elements like shadows , reflections and subject in your picture rightly and wisely then you can have a visual dialogue in your picture.

show 1

show 2


The Close-ups

You can take a closer view of  an object with a drop of water also. You don’t need to spend money on costly micro lenses for your phones.

Close up

Practice Before Experiment

Try to practice basic imagery rules before you take the  final shot. You will capture the best photograph but practice some good tips and techniques.

Before 1 Before

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